What’s next?

Gundam Australia’s PGSF Gauntlet is over now.

So, what’s next for the participants?

Lupes is working on a PG Wing Zero with about 5,000 LEDs in it. Gaigun is having a break from anything strenuous. Busterbeam is drooling over the Jesta.  ASM has surfaced from fatherhood (and snap fitted a great Nu Gundam; where did he find the time!?)

And Shaid? He’s stupidly signed up for more group builds!

Expect a Delta Plus WIP soon! What colours or mods could it entail? Well, let’s just say I’m seeking extra thrust…

I’m also planning to redesign my blog. Something more modern…

OMG it’s a WIP! – 1

I don’t really like the chest beam cannon on the SF. Looks silly to me. So I’m going to change the chest a teeny bit.

I was musing over this, when I had the feeling someone wanted to tell me something…

The little guy has a good idea.

RX-78-2 Approved™

Might need to thin it down a bit, or a sharper edge. Got to get me some modelling putty and board/plastic/whatever it is. Pla-plate?

Also, how fucking awesome is the RG RX-78-2?