Gauntlet of the Apocalypse

Oh god, my first post.

Anyway, sitting in my pile’o’kits are PG Strike Freedom, PG Astray and PG Raiser. Wanted to build one, couldn’t decided.

So, Gundam Australia Forums, lovely chaps that they are, are having a group build! For the Strike Freedom!

Decision. Made.

Pity I hate hate hate dislike the normal colours for the Strike Freedom. So, off to photoshop I went to make up a scheme. Kinda wanted white, grey and gold.

Random googling gave me a nice image to start with.

Then, hours of fucking around, I came up with this!

Not too shabby. But I wasn’t happy. “Needs moar blue!” I thought.

So, this happened:


But, meh. A bit too teal, didn’t like the hipcannons.

So, one more try.


Yeaaah. Next?


Only one problem now…

Airbrush’s broken… Sigh.