A Conclusion

This is not my official wrap up post, it’s only a tribute to it. Proper post coming later on.

To my fellow Gauntletees – I salute you all. I’ve been inspired, and had a fucking great time building with you all!

To Busterbeam: thanks for starting this groupbuild! It’s your fault I’m addicted to gunpla again after a 3 year hiatus! Can’t wait to see your build!

To Falldog: Your black and red vs. my white and blue. Deathmatch, out front, in five minutes! Your gold frame made me want to paint mine, and from there I found this group build…

To Lupes: White and blue, unite! The silver frame works great! Your chrome/trans blue parts look fantastic.

To Gaigun: Inspiring. Awesome. What else to say? You need to get that displayed somewhere; it’s an astounding vision!

To Kman: You and I both borrowed a little from Keita! His MG SF made me want to do mine in white, and your version is great! The metal decals are win!

To American Salaryman: The greatest build of your life has just started, and I wish you all the luck in the world! I look forward to seeing you PGSF, but your kid should take centre stage!

To Talanor: My condolences and best wishes. I know when you finish your kit, it will be fantastic!

To Sonar, ZETA, Fury, Kjasi, Quang, Deikun, Khaotikz, gunny, Shifty, Hemish and everyone else: You guys rock. A community is only as good as the people in it! You all are what makes this community great! If I forgot anyone important, hey, it’s 12am.

A special mention to my partner. She’s had to put up with paint smells, plastic everywhere and expensive trips to local hobby shops. If I hadn’t have got spousal dispensation, I’d not be in this build!

To the local hobby shops: Sorry about buying all your white paint.

I’d like to thank my cat, the neighbours, and that guy up the road, my 3rd grade teacher and…

“Hey, this isn’t the Oscars’ Shaid, shut the fuck up already.”

Anyway, apologies for the kinda crap photos, I will be getting a better camera to do a better photoshoot with better lighting.

Also, I’ll be doing a proper write up and so on, too, for Catapult and my neglected blog and so on. Kit review, backstory for Redemption, all that.

A few comments: No decals. The stickers that come with the kit look kinda odd (not to mention a bit silvered) on the white and blue. I never got my custom set finished to order. The custom swords I was making (Deliverance and Damnation) are almost finished, but I fucked up part of them, had to get replacement parts, and they only arrived last week. Then the wings for the kit took longer than expected, so I sacrificed them for this build to be completed.

I must say though, the dragoons? What the hell. Stay on, damnit. They fall off mine whenever you look at them funny. The wing joints also suck, once painted the wings are too heavy and they sag a lot. I can understand why this kit is pretty much on a constant 40% off on HLJ. It does have some flaws. The weight of paint on parts wasn’t accounted for in the design, I suppose.

Still, regardless of that, the kit looks damn awesome.

Ok, enough waffle. Presenting:

Perfect Grade ZGMF-X20C Strike Redemption

As mentioned, more pics coming when I have a better photo-taking-setup.

Until the next project, my friends! It’s been an absolute blast.

OMG it’s a WIP! – 1

I don’t really like the chest beam cannon on the SF. Looks silly to me. So I’m going to change the chest a teeny bit.

I was musing over this, when I had the feeling someone wanted to tell me something…

The little guy has a good idea.

RX-78-2 Approved™

Might need to thin it down a bit, or a sharper edge. Got to get me some modelling putty and board/plastic/whatever it is. Pla-plate?

Also, how fucking awesome is the RG RX-78-2?

Gauntlet of the Apocalypse

Oh god, my first post.

Anyway, sitting in my pile’o’kits are PG Strike Freedom, PG Astray and PG Raiser. Wanted to build one, couldn’t decided.

So, Gundam Australia Forums, lovely chaps that they are, are having a group build! For the Strike Freedom!

Decision. Made.

Pity I hate hate hate dislike the normal colours for the Strike Freedom. So, off to photoshop I went to make up a scheme. Kinda wanted white, grey and gold.

Random googling gave me a nice image to start with.

Then, hours of fucking around, I came up with this!

Not too shabby. But I wasn’t happy. “Needs moar blue!” I thought.

So, this happened:


But, meh. A bit too teal, didn’t like the hipcannons.

So, one more try.


Yeaaah. Next?


Only one problem now…

Airbrush’s broken… Sigh.